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Forfatter Martin Schjönning kontaktede mig i starten af 2012 om et samarbejde baseret på hans manusskript Kværnen, en dystopisk fortælling om mennesker og … ja,  zombier! Jeg sagde ja. Det er efterhånden ret lang tid siden, og Kværnen har ligget i den berygtede skuffe over flere perioder på grund af andre projekter, tid og penge. Schjönning er i øvrigt bogaktuel med romanen Afsind, hvis omslag jeg har lavet denne illustration til. 

Nu ser det ud til, at Kværnen skal til at være mere end blot et skuffeprojekt. Forlaget Kandor har indvilliget i at udgive den. Derfor er jeg også selv i fuld gang med at producerer nye tegneseriesider og enkeltstående illustrationer.

Her følger nogle af illustrationer:



It’s from the comic Hellbent I’m franticly working on from time to time.

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1R1Oq2u
Flame on! This is work in progress. I’m really trying to improve my digital inks on this project.

Here’s the first five pages of Lars Kramhøft and my new comic Hellbent. It’s a Bonnie and Clyde meets The Crow kind of story. It’s a dark, funny and bloody twister of a comic. Imagine a tornado with mangled bodies in it. Hurling body parts around the countryside. Well sort of.

I’m currently drawing page 36 but there’s some pages yet to be drawn in the beginning. We’re trying to do a collaboration with a psychobilly and surf band so there’s more meetings to be had before drawing aforementioned pages. So as page count go I’m around 25 I think. It’s going to be about 100 pages. Right now I’m trying to find a colorist for the book as I have a full plate already so it would be nice to have someone to share the workload and fun with. Besides Lars of course.

More will be revealed as the book progresses.

Hellbent_001 Hellbent_002 Hellbent_003 Hellbent_004 Hellbent_005

[Danish post]

Jakob Stegelmann har anmeldt vores graphic novel Fordærvet i Jyllandsposten.


I’ve been working on a project in-between other projects. It’s a Danish book about the world after a zombie apocalypse. It’s a mix of prose, illustrations and comic pages. It’s written by the talented writer Martin Schjönning. One of my inspirations regarding the mix of the 3 media is Lore by T. P. Louise and Ashley Wood. It’s a compelling and beautiful book . There’s something about mixing prose with the comic medium. You might say, why don’t you just create the whole thing as a graphic novel? Well… Maybe you wouldn’t say that but I’ve given it some thought anyways. The thing is Sjönning and I want to keep the pictures and word somewhat segregated, so no dialogue in the panels. That’s the plan. I do however work with sound effects, you know “Boom!” and that sort of onomatopoetic sounds. Fancy word. Another factor: It’s a lot faster not creating the whole book as comic pages, so it’s an ideal in-between project. Besides Sjönning writes some beautiful descriptions so it would be a pity to tell the whole story without words.

So without further ado, here’s 3 non-chronological pages. The colours are still work in progress.


Page 3 zombie-mash-up

After two years of working on this book it’s finally printed. It’s a great feeling holding this graphic novel in all is corporeal beauty. We’re starting our promotion by attending Fantasticon this weekend so swing by if you’re in the neighborhood. It’s in Valby, Denmark. We’re hoping to get it out in a couple of comic book stores in Copenhagen and we’re working on a e-book version as well.

Made Flesh cover

Made Flesh printed

Made Flesh printed

So… I’m working on Made Flesh again. Well I never really stopped. I just had some pauses. The pages are done and now I’m correcting the old ones. Soon the whole damned thing will be complete. Lars Kramhøft and me have been working on this project for some time now. It started in the late 2011. I haven’t tired of it yet. I think that means something. I really think this is a fine project. If you haven’t had the pleasure of browsing through some of the pages you can at: Madeflesh.blogspot.dk. The whole story isn’t there, but this year we’ll have a limited first print edition that you can buy and enjoy whilst we search for a publisher.

Tom 49

My comic Deadboy is now finally printed. It’s in Danish apart from the title.

I started it in late 2010 during my internship at Gimle Studio in Copenhagen. I continued working on in the following spring at Open Workshop in Viborg (Artist Recidency), but stuff came up. We started Octopulp Comics Collective and I made shorter comics, children books and attended Robert Mckee’s Story Seminar in London with Lars Kramhøft. After that I needed to rewrite the script. It got a bit better. After the spring of 2011 I went back to the Design School and worked at bit on Deadboy and other book projects before I started My Master Project. Also a comic. this time written by Kramhøft. (Made Flesh)

Deadboy is my first long comic so it was bound to be delayed. I just didn’t know it at the time. It’s also my first crack at creative writing so that took some time. Well, i finished it last year, 2012, after publisher Torben Hansen told me to get moving.

Now it is here. 122 pages created with support from Open Workshop and printed and published with support from the Danish Arts Council. And of course none of it without Torben Hansen at Forlaget Forlæns. Thank you.

Here’s two pages from our comic Made Flesh. Make sure to go read it at http://www.madeflesh.blogspot.dk we’re at 48 pages now.2122